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Current Listings

111 Plowshare Ln, Platteville, CO
4036 W 30th St, Greeley, CO
4205 Laurel Dr, Evans, CO
4600 W 14th St, Greeley, CO
501 Jackie Ann St, Ault, CO
516 5551 29th St, Greeley, CO
550 E 19th Street, Greeley, CO

Sold Listings

1-B 4902 W 29th Street, Greeley, CO
101 2154 Campo St, Loveland, CO
1402 Prairie Hawk Rd, Eaton, CO
1440 Falcon Ridge Rd, Eaton, CO
1502 Lakeside Dr, Greeley, CO
1545 Colorado Pkwy, Eaton, CO
16505 Essex Rd, Platteville, CO
1741 29th Ave Ct, Greeley, CO
1800 18th Ave, Greeley, CO
1803 73rd Ave, Greeley, CO
18998 County Road 17, Johnstown, CO
1933 27th Ave, Greeley, CO
2045 17th Ave, Greeley, CO
220 Triangle Dr, Fort Collins, CO
2210 W 13th St Street, Greeley, CO
2315 Chandler St, Fort Collins, CO
2504 Montego Bay, Evans, CO
2508 W 13th Street, Greeley, CO
2637 58th Ave, Greeley, CO
2642 12 Ave, Greeley, CO
272 Cardinal Ct, Eaton, CO
2720 14 St, Greeley, CO
2720 14 St, Greeley, CO
3111 5551 29th St, Greeley, CO
3310 23rd St, Greeley, CO
3358 140 W 29th Street, Pueblo, CO
365 Cedar Ave, Eaton, CO
37150 Dickerson Court, Windsor, CO
3804 W 8th St, Greeley, CO
4 1357 43rd Ave, Greeley, CO
403 E 29th St, Greeley, CO
4321 30 St Rd Road, Greeley, CO
433 27th Ave, Greeley, CO
5000 Dry Creek Rd, Greeley, CO
5604 W 29 St Rd, Greeley, CO
6235 County Road 1, Fort Collins, CO
6285 W 3rd St Rd, Greeley, CO
6285 W 3rd St Rd, Greeley, CO
640 E 3rd Street, Eaton, CO
6717 E Tenby, Prescott Valley, AZ
700-702 38th St, Evans, CO
710 Kohler Farms Rd, Kersey, CO
827 Collins St, Eaton, CO

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